About Us
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About Us

About Us


NICKS Removals & Storage is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the moving industry. We specialise in household, office, commercial relocations, transport and logistics. Our focus is to strive for excellence with each and every move. We believe that our clients are placed first and we endeavour to make this our number one priority.


Our History


Established many years ago by the founder Nick, who started his business with a 2 tonne truck and a regular furniture delivery run in the metropolitan area of Sydney. Nick built his reputation with clients due to his friendly nature, hard working attitude and expertise in furniture handling. As Nick’s business started to grow along with his clientele, his two sons eventually became involved with the daily operations of the business. Nick observed the enthusiasm and drive that his sons contributed towards the business and after many years of moving, Nick eventually retired and passed over his business to his two sons. Surrounded by years of moving clients, Nick’s sons learnt all the valuable skills and techniques their father had taught them and eventually setting their own standards in the business and the moving industry. Both sons now operate NICKS Removals & Storage running several trucks along with a passionate team of highly trained employees.


Why choose NICKS Removals & Storage for your next move?


  • We are a team of highly enthusiastic and reliable removalists.
  • Our team of removalists are highly trained and dedicated to completing every job required in the most safest and efficient way possible.
  • Our high standards and greater attention to detail, along with careful handling is how the team at NICKS Removals operate on a daily basis.
  • We understand that each job is unique in some way and we try and cater to the requirement of each and every client.
  • Going “the extra mile” is the norm at NICKS Removals with all of our friendly staff who are ready to assist you with your next move.
  • Our main form of advertising is via word-of-mouth, which has helped our business establish a respectable name among many of our clients.
  • We have built and maintained client relationships over many years and we strive to keep it that way, which is why our regular clientele call us back each and every time.